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    At Inclusive Pay, we offer reliable CBD Merchant Accounts with fast approvals. As an award-winning CBD payment processor, we’ll have your business accepting payments online and offline within no time!

    If you have been running what is termed as a ‘high-risk’ products business (like CBD Flower, cannabis, CBD Isolate, CBD oils, or CBD Vapes), you’re probably familiar with the rejections that have become commonplace with these types of businesses.

    How many times have you had a customer in-store looking to pay via credit card? How many times have you had customers unwilling to buy from your online store because you did not have a reliable payment processor?

    How many times has your merchant account been shut down or canceled by your provider because your business is involved in selling ‘high-risk’ products?

    At Inclusive Pay, we understand all too well that running a perfectly legal business, and still being unable to process credit cards online or offline can be extremely frustrating and unfair.

    That is why we came up with Inclusive Pay; a comprehensive solution aimed at solving every issue that plagues legal CBD businesses.

    Whether you are an e-commerce website selling CBD goods, a retail location, or a dispensary, Inclusive pay can help you process payments, get the secure compliant banking solution you need, and even get a loan to grow your high-risk business!

    Say goodbye to your customers having to make ATM runs, suddenly having your merchant account shut down, and sending banks and lenders into a frenzy when you use the term CBD.

    We provide you with a reliable CBD payment processor with lightning-quick approvals, and most importantly, reasonably priced fees so that your business is ready to dominate the space!

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    Why Inclusive Pay for your CBD Merchant Account?

    Great question!  When it comes to choosing a CBD Merchant Account or CBD Payment processor, there is a lot you should take into consideration.

    Attaining CBD merchant processing presents a lot of hurdles; done incorrectly, and your account can end up getting shut down, or worse, your payments are frozen!

    At Inclusive pay, we take the stress out of choosing the best CBD payment processor! Being high risk does not have to mean the end of the road anymore!

    Here are 6 Reasons you should choose Inclusive Pay as your CBD payment processor:

    Honest & Experienced

    Inclusive Pay was set-up to democratize payment processing for high-risk product categories. It’s not uncommon to see other CBD payment processors lure clients desperately looking for solutions, with falsehoods and promises that don’t stick. At Inclusive Pay, honesty is a pillar of our long term success. We are highly experienced when it comes to CBD credit card processing, so we know what works and what doesn’t!

    Seamless Integration

    Whether you are looking for solutions for your Shopify CBD store, your Square CBD store, or your Woocommerce CBD store, we’ve got you covered with our seamless integration that is adaptable to almost every online eCommerce store!


    High fees and hidden contractual payments are so yesterday! With Inclusive Pay, you can avail CBD credit card processing that is easy, affordable, and, most importantly, transparent!

    Aligned with Banks

    It’s essential to work with a merchant services company that understands your business type. We have aligned ourselves with banks that are comfortable with hard to place merchants. This means no unwarranted surprises like account shutdowns and cancellations in the future!

    Comprehensive Service

    At Inclusive Pay, we don’t only offer CBD merchant processing! We provide comprehensive services like CBD and Cannabis Bank Accounts and CBD and Cannabis Bank Loans, making us the one-stop-shop that takes your CBD business to the next level!

    Unparalleled Customer Service

    Everyone promises extraordinary customer support to the point where it’s become a cliché! But at Inclusive Pay, we’ve come to realize the importance of providing the right advice and assistance to folks in the high-risk products industry. Rest assured, you’re in the best possible hands when you work with Inclusive Pay.

    Our Happy Merchants

    Excellent and professional customer service from the first phone to gather information and educate us about the process, to the recent phone we made to them to say thank you for guiding us through the process and letting us know what to expect. We heard the good news on April 1st that our account had been approved and we will be launching our website very soon.  From one woman owned and founded company to another, THANK YOU Inclusive Pay!

    Tammy Stanley, Today I am Well


    Y’all we did it!  We’re back up and running! Thanks for all the help. We no longer feel like Sisyphus and we could not have done it without y’all.  Much love and gratitude! 

    Kitt + Ken, Live Oak Herbals


    Get a Free Quote on your CBD Merchant Account

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cannabis is a plant with two primary classifications: Indica and Sativa.

    Hemp and Marijuana are both members of the Cannabis plant genus, but hemp belongs to the Sativa species only, whereas marijuana can be of either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa species.

    There are other differences between Hemp and Marijuana as well; the major point of differentiation being the cannabinoid content (CBD). Hemp contains a high concentration of CBD and almost no concentration of THC (below 0.3%). Marijuana, on the other hand, can contain up to 30% THC per dry weight.

    Hemp-based CBD is legal in all 50 states as long as the level of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in the cannabis product is less than .3%  to virtually non-existent.

    It can be hard to find a CBD payment processor because, despite CBD being a legal product, it is derived from the same plant (Cannabis), which is closely associated with its illegal counterpart. This more often than not leads to it being termed as a ‘high-risk’ product.

    Yes, you can, and that’s what a lot of CBD Merchants do. But you cannot accept cash for your CBD eCommerce store, and having a CBD Merchant Account allows for convenience for your customers, who don’t carry cash on them and would like to pay via a credit card. Signing up for a CBD Credit Card Processing is a great way to stand out against the competition!

    No, unfortunately, most of the “quick sign-up” style services, such as Stripe, and PayPal, prohibit high-risk merchants.

    The demand for CBD has seen a massive uptick in recent times! CBD oil is one of the most popular product offerings when it comes to CBD products. We do provide CBD Oil Merchant Accounts to many of our clients. We can be your CBD Oil Merchant Account Providers too!

     However, our services are not only limited to CBD Oil Merchant Accounts. We can assist with all CBD products such as CBD Vapes, CBD Isolates, CBD Pet Products, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals, etc., as long as they are legal!

    Yes, we do.  We integrate with the Authorize.net gateway.  We can also connect your Square CBD merchant account to Shopify!

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