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starting a CBD business

5 Things to know about when about starting a CBD Business

When it comes to setting up a new CBD business, things can get even more complicated! Due to the lack of understanding surrounding CBD and its legality, planning a foray into the CBD industry can prove to be incredibly challenging. However, if you get things right you could be in with a chance of securing a share of the multibillion-dollar pie.

Is Your Business At Risk of Being Banned From Stripe, PayPal or Square

Do you sell CBD oil? CBD oil is amazing and the CBD industry is growing rapidly. 

Either way, you could be at risk of being banned from the likes of Stripe, PayPal and Square.

Not cool.

How to Reduce CBD Credit Card Disputes and Chargebacks

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest risks identified by CBD business owners is the risk of seeing their merchant account shut down. Surprisingly, a shut down can happen much more easily than one might expect.