Concierge Fee


Unlike other business services brokers, our concierge fee includes much more than just sending your application to die in the abyss of underwriting paperwork. Our fees cover going over your application to make sure it is free from mistakes, review your files for accuracy, and if necessary, we complete an extensive website audit. We also maintain your records so that in the event that a bank pulls out of the market and chooses to no longer offer services to our industry, (which they often do), we will place you with another provider at no additional cost to you. You will not need to hunt for another provider only to end in disappointment. Please see this video to learn more about why we charge a fee.
In the event that we are not able to place you with ANY other solution within 120 days (You must have fully completed and submitted an application with all documents), we will gladly refund this concierge fee, remove you from all underwriting queues, and destroy your file.