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CBD Merchant Account Pricing

At this time we do not have an international CBD Solution. 

Please note that the bank will not board you unless the following are done. 

  • Your website must be live, fully functional and have all appropriate pages (shipping, returns, privacy).
  • You must have your COAs.  The total THC on the COA must be less than .3%. Anything higher than that will be rejected for Credit Card processing.  Please see eCheck or Crypto for pricing as these are the only solution that works for high THC.
  • You must be a US Based Business and all business addresses must be the same on checks, bills, and website. 
  • No accessories or hardware on site or your application will be rejected. 
  • The bank will run a credit check.  The only two solution that do not do this are eCheck and Crypto. 

To apply, please follow the directions below.  If you would  like to work with Kelly to guide you through the process, please pay our concierge fee here. 

If you do not need assistance, please just start your application below for self-service. 


After you fill out the application please allow 2 to 3 business days for the bank to reach out to you.

1. All CBD Product lines (No Seed) Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

10 to 20 week boarding time

4.75% Flat and $0.30 per transaction
$34.95 Monthly Service Fee
$100.00 Monthly Minimum
Gateway Fees:
0.60% of Sales Volume and $0.10 per transaction
No Monthly Service Fee
$50.00 Monthly Minimum
Reserve based on underwriting

2. CBD Topical ONLY (Ingestible CBD merchants will be rejected) Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

1 to 2 week boarding time

Monthly Fee: $25.00
Gateway Fee: $25.00
Per Transaction Fee: IC Plus 2% + 0.25
Bank Setup Fee: $95
Annual Account Fee: $99
EPX Fee: $47.00 a month
Reserve depending on underwriting.

3. eCheck (Bank to Bank Transfer) - All High Risk - Cannabis, Kratom, Sarms, Adult, Seed - etc

1 week boarding time

With the new eCheck technology, customers no longer need their account information to debit money from their bank account. The consumer only needs to know where they bank and how to log in. With our newest technology Verde, consumers can finally attach their bank account directly, & push the funds from their account to yours. Paying with Verde takes less time than paying with a card, and the cost to you, the merchant, is much less. Click here to see a demo

Rates as low as (Pricing varies per vertical):

Signup Fee : $99.95
Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30
Monthly Fee: $50.00
Account Onboarding (first-time customers only): $0.84
Risk Verification: $0.49
Available Balance Verification: $0.49

4. Crypto Payments (All High Risk Verticles)

1 to 2 day boarding time

Amount per Transaction: $0.05
Percent per Transaction: 1.99%

No other Monthly Fees