Grow your business with dedicated CBD and Cannabis Business Loan Solutions or the perfect investors

Gone are the days when you’d walk into a lenders office and get denied for a CBD and Cannabis Business Loan right of the bat. At Inclusive Pay we have got dedicated solutions that can help you score dispensary loans or cannabis financing in no time!

Why CBD or Cannabis Business Loans

The Cannabis and CBD industry has absolutely skyrocketed in recent times. But this massive growth and relentless demand come with a set of unique challenges for business owners. Everything from lack of CBD Merchant accounts providers, to lack of Cannabis financing can adversely affect, and potentially derail and legitimate Cannabis business.

Imagine how high you can take your CBD business if you had access to the right financing to fund your business growth. 

That’s precisely what we offer at InclusivePay. InclusivePay can help you get a loan for any amount from $20K – $2.5M! Our loan programs are unsecured, with no upfront payment, and based on a combination of how long you have been in business, your personal credit, and the amount you need relative to what the bank considers your cash flow can support.

Stop relying on, and getting rejected by a traditional bank or credit union! Apply for a loan with Inclusive Pay and get access to the Capital that can set you apart from your competition.

The Massive Opportunity for Cannabis & CBD Businesses

Wondering if applying for a loan for your CBD dispensary or Cannabis business is worth it? Perhaps these statistics might change for your mind!

According to fit small business Sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. amounted to nearly $10 billion in 2018 alone. This number is projected to grow to $22 Billion by 2022 and $47.3 billion by 2027.

Capital raised from North American public cannabis companies totaled $394.1 million in January of 2019 alone.

Actual Cannabis Demand in the USA is $52.5 billion. With more than $46 billion in sales conducted outside the scope of legal channels, there is a massive market waiting to be tapped with imminent complete legalization.

Ready to ride the wave and take the next step in growing your Cannabis business? What are you waiting for? Get in touch to discuss the prospect of availing a CBD or Cannabis Business Loan today!

4 Reasons why you should opt for Inclusive Pay

Leapfrog the Competition

While there is no denying the opportunity in the Cannabis industry, it’s still one that is capital intensive. The start-up cost for a regulated cannabis dispensary is estimated to be around $775,000. While setting up a dispensary might be expensive, the upside is certainly present, with a regulated dispensary making in the range of $3 million per year in revenue! A business loan can help you with set-up costs, inventory investments, and product design, which in turn enables you to leapfrog the competition.

Alternate lenders

Traditional banks or credit unions turn away Cannabis business owners looking to borrow due to the inconsistencies in Cannabis’s legal status across federal and state levels. The key to getting Cannabis business loans is to approach alternative lenders; which is what we have access to at InclusivePay. We connect you with lenders so you can fund your business growth and become the Top Player in the CBD industry.

Quick and Easy

At InclusivePay we understand that first movers in new industries have the best opportunity to cement themselves as market leaders. We promise a quick and easy service, which can help you with speed to market, and focusing on the most important thing- satisfying customer demand.

Honest Advice

Wondering what type of loan to opt for or which lenders to approach? We understand that these questions can be intimidating, especially if you are a first-time business owner. Rest assured, we’re with you each step of the way to simplify the process. Nobody does cannabis financing like us!


Great question! The legality of Cannabis is still a complicated issue in the Country. While Cannabis is gaining legalization across states, it is still considered illegal to sell, purchase, or use according to Federal laws, which consider it to be a schedule 1 controlled substance.

While the“2018 Farm Bill,” legalized hemp cultivation and declassified it as a Schedule I controlled substance, federal laws and continually changing regulations surrounding CBD have made getting loans increasingly difficult from traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.

In many cases, you do not need to have collateral to acquire a CBD Business Loan. Our loan programs are unsecured, with no upfront payment, and take into account factors like how long you have been in business, your personal credit, and the amount you need relative to what the bank considers your cash flow can support.

We can help a wide range of Cannabis businesses get loans! Whether you are a manufacturer who intends to produce CBD products like CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals or CBD isolates to supply to retailers, or you are a dispensary that sells products like CBD Oils, CBD pet products, and CBD vapes direct to consumers, we can help you out!