Inclusive Pay > Cashless ATM for Cannabis

Our Cashless ATM┬áis designed to work with your customer’s bank and ATM/ debit cards, giving them access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your store.

Our machines are similar to standard credit card processing machines. The difference is the terminal is loaded with a custom software program so it only runs PIN based transactions with a small convenience fee that the cardholder pays.

This fee serves to pay for the processing costs incurred, while making extra money for you!


Accept PIN-based Transactions


Give your customers the convenience to withdraw money in your store.


No operating costs. No credit or debit card fees.


Earn money on each approved transaction.


Eliminate cash from sales transaction: savings cash handling and management, reduce risk of employee theft when you have cash on hands


Does not require merchant to change from current bank and no integration to POS system necessary making approval Quick and Easy.

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