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We are consulants who specialize in CBD and THC.

We have helped many of our clients with the following challenges:

Market Selection and Evaluation

Target market selection is one of the most important marketing decisions for many companies. An appropriate target market selection is performed upon market segment evaluation results and considering many factors such as segment size, number of competitors, risk and profitability. We adopt a fairly analytical approach to target market selection and will usually use it to set criteria to evaluate and assess each area of the CBD and THC markets.

Sales, Marketing, Branding and Advertising

Branding, marketing, and advertising are all tools you use to help promote your business. They help you acquire and retain customers, as well as drive sales and profits. These elements are all closely connected in purpose, and tend to feed off one another, making it easy to get them confused. Understanding the differences can help you develop more focused business initiatives, and maximize the effectiveness of each tool.

Actionable Business Blueprint

We analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes. To make sure that you have actionable steps, we formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to a your wishes, capabilities and limitations to create concise reports. Finally, we present findings and suggestions with ample justification and practical advice. The detailed business plans that we develop drive small or radical changes – it’s completely up to you!

Kelly Raulerson and Orleatha Smith

Founders of Inclusive Pay

"If you don't understand the details of your business you are going to fail." Jeff Bezos

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